Friday, July 9, 2010

Mad for Mojitos

A mojito in Miami. Simply natural. At the Middlesex in Cambridge? Sweet surprise. And it tasted just like it was supposed to. If you closed your eyes while you sipped on the summer cocktail, you might fool yourself into thinking that you were actually sitting on South Beach, listening to the sound of the ocean and the tim-tan-tim-tan of salsa music. You might completely forget that you were standing in a quirky Cambridge dive where a bunch of awkward MIT'ers watch the cool locals bust a move. You might also be inspired to start growing mint in a clay pot from your studio balcony or buy an ice-crushing machine so you can make the perfect mojito at home any time you want.

Just in case you want to skip out on the Middlesex next time, check out this video below to learn how to make the minty Cuban drink. Whatever you do, make sure you beat the hell out of the ice like the bartender recommends.

Buena suerte and bottoms up.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Kim, I've never tried the mojitos in Middlesex but will do soon! Have you been to La Casa De Pedro in Watertown? My bf and I LVOE their mojitos there. When we make our own at home, we sometimes add muddled strawberries - yum :)