Saturday, July 24, 2010

Best Cuban north of Miami: Chez Henri

French bistro. Cuban twist. That what Chez Henri claims to be. And it is. The first five times you go there you'll order the pressed Cuban sandwich -so says bartender Rob Kraemer. While other menu items like the fritters in guava barbecue and chipotle aioli -or the ceviche in mango-mint mojo with watermelon seem like refreshing, summer-y options, Kraemer swears by the Cuban.

"If it's your first time here, don't even think about anything else," he says.

Trust him.

A south-Floridian, I know a great Cubano from a good one to a fake one. This version of the world's best sandwich may very well be the best Cuban sandwich north of Miami. And it is served with the most amazing plantain chips of all time. I have actually never had plantain chips like these anywhere before -not even in the Caribbean. Chez Henri wins my heart and belly with this dish.

One tip: if you're not a really big eater, either fast all day before consuming -or share the sandwich with someone. I was sad to discover that it doesn't make for good leftovers whatsoever. I'm just not that thrilled about soggy bread that tastes like pickles.

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  1. So funny. I actually graded your final paper over a Chez Henri Cuban sandwich (and a mojito, naturally) tonight!