Sunday, July 11, 2010

BarLola Tapas Lounge

Flamenco mix by by Roxdude

Bar Lola's outdoor patio is a definite new favorite summer spot to relax, sip on fruity sangria and indulge on authentic tapas. With a lengthy menu of tapas frias (cold tapas) and tapas calientes (hot tapas), there's no problem choosing several dishes to share with friends.

The langostinos rebozados, prawn fritters with a savory and tangy mango-scallion sauce were crunchy, sweet and savory. The tigres, or breaded mussels stuffed with Serrano ham, onion and garlic were surprisingly flavorful. Empanadas de carne, or beef turnovers, are always a favorite. Bar Lola serves two to a plate with a homemade tomato sauce. Albondigas, or meatballs in a sweet tomato sauce, are also a nice pick, those this particular dish seemed a little on the mushy side. Overall, incredible flavors. Next time perhaps the paella Valenciana, croquetas de pollo (chicken croquettes) or chuletillas de cordero (baby lamb). Whatever the selection, enjoy it with a glass of sangria -and a friend.

Bar Lola special events: Free salsa lessons every Wednesday and Flamenco show every Sunday.

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  1. I LOVE this post and video. You really capture the vibe of Lola...I want to go back! Nice photo work too.